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Electronic Entertainment Expo(tm) 2001
We attended this show and distributed the DC Tonic CD.

Midwest Classic 2002
Some of our software, including a very early version of Feet of Fury, was shown at this show hosted in Milwaukee, WI by the GOAT Store. You can find the flyer Dan Potter created for the DC booth here (warning: large download).

Classic Gaming Expo 2003
We visited this show as one of the lesser vendors (along the back wall) and showed FoF, held a tournament, and sold both FoF and dance mats.

Dan Potter attends the monthly social meetings for the Portland Area Game Developers' Interest Group, the local IGDA chapter. These happen on the first Wednesday of each month at Old Town Pizza, around 7PM. Maybe some day their web site will work. ;)


June 26, 2012 -- CryptoCast #63
Posted by DJGeki

Download here:

CryptoCast #063
Recorded on June 24th, 2012
"Games and news from perspectives other than your own"


January 29, 2012 -- CryptoCast #62 posted
Posted by DJGeki

The cow says, " It has died multiple times, and this idiot keeps bringing it back!"

Episode is up here, but you can always grab it from the RSS feed or iTunes.


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