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Cryptic Allusion and Ganksoft are proud to announce Marbol 1.0, exclusively for the Apple Macintosh!

News and Changes Since PR1

Marbol is a fast-action puzzle game of skill, where you must place marbles according to color and destroy as many as possible before you are disrupted by random marbles being pushed from the bottom. Match blocks of 3+ of the same color, or blocks of 4+ clear marbles, and they disappear from the board. Remove too many supporting marbles, and your pile will fall to equilibrium again.

Marbol requires a reasonably recent Macintosh machine running OSX 10.3.9 "Panther" or higher. It uses OpenGL for graphics, so 3D acceleration support is necessary. It has been tested on the following configurations successfully:

  • PowerBook G4/1.5, with Tiger 10.4.1
  • iBook G4/1.33, with Tiger 10.4.1
  • Blue & White G3, upgraded to a G4/500 and Radeon PCI, with Panther 10.3.9

COMING SOON: Strategy tips for Marbol!

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