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"Cryptic Allusion" was started by Dan Potter around 1995 for the purposes of web design consulting. Since that area of the business world began to take off on its own and become crowded, the purpose of the group has been redefined several times over the years, but it has found its calling as an independent game development group. We are now Cryptic Allusion, LLC, registered in the state of Texas.

We have tinkered on various platforms (mostly consoles, via homebrew development tools) but our current obsessionis the Dreamcast(tm). We develop for these consoles only using fully legal homebrew tools (from the official companies (e.g. PS2 Linux Kit), or legally reverse engineered by hobbyists).

In 2000, Cryptic Allusion started the Cryptic Allusion DCDev Project, whose initial fruits of labor were libdream and KallistiOS. Both were toolkits designed to assist hobbyists and independent developers to work with the Dreamcast(tm) console, but KallistiOS is now the preferred and active project, and is developed by a group of developers on the SourceForge Free Software development site. Cryptic Allusion DCDev has slowly become GameDev as we start to move to other consoles as well.

We have been written about in various magazines, including Electronic Gaming Monthly, and we made an appearance at E3 2001 to distribute our DC Tonic CDs to the sad Dreamcast(tm) fans at the show. DC Tonic has been well received and has even been reportedly mistaken for an actual commercial demo, though we were rushed for time in its production, and the tools we used were not at a very high level of quality at the time.

Cryptic Allusion's contributor group tends to fluctuate over time (and is sparsely located, geographically), but what we all have in common is an obsession for gaming, and for the creation of games.

Our current projects include ongoing development of KallistiOS and development of a tunnel shooter game, Tryptonite. We have also started to dabble in Mac OSX games.

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June 26, 2012 -- CryptoCast #63
Posted by DJGeki

Download here:

CryptoCast #063
Recorded on June 24th, 2012
"Games and news from perspectives other than your own"


January 29, 2012 -- CryptoCast #62 posted
Posted by DJGeki

The cow says, " It has died multiple times, and this idiot keeps bringing it back!"

Episode is up here, but you can always grab it from the RSS feed or iTunes.


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